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    彩乐乐彩票app下载Phone Number:86-22-83719898     


    Mobile Number:86-13602065352

    Contact Address:Huayuan Industrial Zone Lanyuan Road Unit 3 Floor 7,Nankai Tianjin China彩乐乐彩票app下载

    Fax Number:4008266163-04350


    E-mail:   vip@techbase.cn


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      Techbase Engineering Co., Ltd. located in the Bohai Sea region's economic center - Tianjin Municipality,founded in 1997, is the earliest one of dust-free cleaning products domestic manufacturers.According to national anti-static standards and specifications requirements and the United States ANSI/ESD-S20.20-1999 standards for the microelectronics, optical fiber and cable, precision machinery, aerospace , scientific research and teaching and other industries to provide high-quality static control products, at the same time, sale agent number of international brand’s static protection products.In the meantime, according to customer’s needs ,provide professional consulting, training, product testing and other technical services and professional solutions for anti-static.

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